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IN CONCERT AT CLUB ENTERPRISE: MC Fly and The Sheikh in Bremerhaven, Germany 1987

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, Ameer Shakoor became known as DJ Sheikh (and later The Sheikh) in 1984 after a Macola Records exec introduced him to Arabian Prince and Egyptian Lover. Military obligations and a dispute with his manager resulted in a brief hiatus for The Sheikh until early 1985 when he and DJ Pill formed The House Rockers. Based in Junction City, Kansas, The House Rockers collective attracted talented DJs and MCs from New York (MC Mouse, MC Aki and Champagne), North Carolina (Black Knight) and Philadelphia (Sweet Brother Still). Other artists who joined were, Mr. Mixx It, TTT, Sno White, White Flash and Hot Rod. Many others were associated with the group whose careers in entertainment are well noted.

In 1986, The Sheikh met Charles Kent (MC Fly) in Bremerhaven, Germany. MC Fly was from Cleveland, Ohio and was working with German guitarist and producer, Hermann Behrens. Together, Hermann, Fly and Sheikh changed the music landscape and mapped out a course for Hip Hop in Northern Germany that still thrives to this day. The movement that was created planted the seeds for the careers of MC ERV (Levi Ervins) and DJ Stylewarz ( Michael Whitelov) to take off. MC ERV (now Erv Daddie) is Founder and CEO of Street Royalty Entertainment and DJ Stylewarz is a legendary DJ/turntablist and highly regarded producer in Europe. James Nelson also began his career in music then and eventually became VP of True Substance Records, the home of Grammy winning songwriter Melanie Rutherford.

Moving to Virginia in 1990 and working with Kool DJ Law (The Boodah Brothers), Floyd Featherstone, Slim Tim, Boss, Biz Markie, Mad Skillz and others, including Tupac and MC Breed, marked the transition for Sheikh from DJ to producer and then consultant.

After years of only consulting work, Sheikh opened a recording studio in 2011 in Boardman, just outside of Youngstown. This active return to music was sparked by the involvement of his youngest son, Ameer, in the Detroit Hip Hop scene.

Now based near Akron, 2015 begins with the formation of 565 Music. Sheikh says, "565 is where it all began. I was raised at 565 W. Glenaven on the South side of Youngstown. My first DJ crew was Electro (Alex James, John Payne, Larry Nelson, Michael Carpenter) but even before that there were family influences from the Shakoor and the McCreary/McCrary side."

The birth of 565 Music marks the 30th anniversary of The House Rockers and a new era for The Sheikh...






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